Certified Nursing Assistant Classes Online – General Information

If you’re a person who is thinking about becoming a CNA, also called a certified nursing assistant, you might be interested in the idea of whether or not you can take CNA training online. In this day and age, there are a lot of people going to school online for various things, but does that mean that you can go to school online to be a Certified Nursing Assistant? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of those ideas.

We are often asked is there CNA classes online and what the programs are like. There are some schools that offer CNA courses online, but you have to understand that this does not occur in every state; there are some states which prohibit the learning of CNA training curriculum online. This is why it is important to check with your state nursing board regarding the local guidelines for becoming a CNA.

What’s the reason for this? Well, whether it’s justified or not, they believe that all training should be done in person in order to learn the various skills associated with becoming a CNA. There is, however, some truth to this because when it comes to medical skills and the medical profession, there are some things that absolutely need to be taught in person in a traditional learning environment.

Take for example, some of the skills that a CNA has such as moving immobile patients from a bed to a wheelchair. This is something that needs to be practiced, and needs to be done properly in order to prevent injury to both the CNA and also the patient. If a person only took online CNA training and never took any training in person, this is something that they might not understand how to do—it’s not something that can be learned entirely online. The truth is that there are just some skills that need to be learned in person in order to be fully-understood. With that said, online training (where available) is a good way for people to learn who have busy schedules and other things in their lives that prevent them from attending class during traditional hours.

For example, people with kids or people who work full time jobs may not be able to attend class during the day like other college students who do not work full time. In these situations, online training may be quite helpful because it allows them to attend class when they’re able to and when they actually have the time for it, not when they have to based on preset schedule. For some people, this may be the difference between them going to school and not being able to go at all. So, in summary, if you choose to take CNA classes online might be good if a person lives in a state where they are allowed, but if you’re considering taking them, make sure you understand that you’ll still need to attend some type of in person training along with online training in order to become a CNA.

* Tip: To find your state nursing board, view the dropdown on the NCSBN website*