Essential Advice When Considering a Job as a CNA

So you’re ready for an exciting and dynamic career within the medical industry. While you have a passion for helping others, you may not have the time or financial ability to become a physician, registered nurse, or a licensed practical nurse. If your finding yourself in this state of mind, then a career as a certified nursing assistant may be ideal for you.

After becoming a CNA and gaining some experience within the medical industry, you may find it easier to progress into a role as a registered nurse. In fact, there are many options to go from CNA to RN that are worth researching. A RN is a registered nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and has met the requirements for a nursing license in their state.

Another route is to become an LPN. A LPN is a licensed practical nurse that works under a registered nurse or doctor. If you are considering the LPN track, there are many online LPN programs which offer insights into the position, it’s licensing requirements, and options for education.

Whether you simply become a CNA and are happy staying in the role, or if your aspirations lead you to pursue the path of an RN or LPN, a CNA is a great place to begin. Certified nursing assistants are the backbone for many medical facilities. Although these healthcare professionals are relatively entry-level within the nursing process, they are essential to ensure the health and rehabilitation of patients. When you’re considering a job as a CNA, there are several aspects you should be aware of to ensure you not only pick the ideal employer, but that you’re well-suited for this position.

Advice #1 – Where Do You Wish to Work?

Because almost every healthcare setting requires a certified nursing assistant, there are literally hundreds of different employment options. These professionals may be found at nursing homes, hospitals, private physician offices, schools and even cruise ships. As with any other job, it is important to isolate the ideal work environment to ensure success and happiness.

This being said, the basic job functions of a certified nursing assistant is relatively universal. You’ll be required to assist with the cleanliness of a facility as well as assisting registered nurses and physicians when it comes to monitoring patients and dispensing certain medications. You may also be required to monitor and tend to the psychological needs of patients. This profession is indeed dynamic and multi-faceted.

Advice #2 – Obtain Property Training

One of the main reasons so many are interested in this career is due to the type of training that’s involved. Unlike becoming a registered nurse or a physician, training for certified nursing assistants is relatively quick. Generally, a training program lasts anywhere from three to six months. You can obtain training at community colleges, vocational schools or even through the American Red Cross. Regardless of where you obtain your training, it’s important to undertake training that’s accredited by your state nursing board. Because you’ll be required to pass a certification examination, it’s important your training meets the eligibility requirements set forth by your state.

To learn more about eligibility requirements to become a certified nursing assistant, contact your state board of nursing. Oftentimes, this information is available on their website or by conducting a simple Internet search.