Personality Traits to Become a Great Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is one of the greatest decisions an aspiring healthcare worker can make. This dynamic and interesting career field is filled with an ever-changing list of demands. Many find this to be a rewarding career as you actually play a direct role in the rehabilitation of health of patients. However, as with many other professions, there is a distinct difference between an average CNA and a great CNA.

While your training plays a direct role in achieving greatness, there are several personality traits that the greatest within this field seem to share. The practical and theoretical knowledge a certified nursing assistant possess is only as great as their ability to interact with patients and fellow nursing staff members. The following personality traits are considered essential to truly excel within this profession.

Trait #1: Genuine Care

Unlike other members of a medical team, a certified nursing assistant regularly works within close proximity of patients. These are the nurses who are at the beckon-call of patients and visit with them the most. Therefore, the top personality trait of a great CNA is genuine care. You should never show annoyance or anger toward a patient.

Trait #2: Limitless Calm

As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll be faced with stressful and energetic settings on a daily basis. In order to truly excel within this profession, you must feature an endless amount of calmness. You will also be tasked with performing undesirable tasks, such as emptying bedpans. In order to keep patients feeling secure, you must approach even the most undesirable duty with calmness.

Trait #3: Workplace Flexibility

If you work in a hospital or a nursing home, you must remain flexible when it comes to your schedule as well as your anticipated job duties. Emergencies arise out of nowhere. Therefore, itís imperative you are capable of handling the ever-changing tide that is nursing and healthcare.

Trait #4: Stability in Your Emotions

As any seasoned certified nursing assistant will tell you, working alongside dying or terminally ill patients is a highly emotional situation. This is especially true if you’ve become close with a patient. Watching someone suffer or come to the end of their life can be extremely taxing on your emotions. Therefore, it’s imperative that you act with compassion and true empathy. However, it’s more important that you’re able to handle these stressful, emotional and complex situations with grace and pure stability. Many find the emotional requirements within the nursing field are too much; however, with practice and a solid understanding that you’re here to care for patients you’ll weather these challenges unscathed.