‘Investing for Health’ is the public health strategy of the Northern Ireland Executive. It contains a framework for action to improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities which is based on partnership working amongst Departments, public bodies, local communities, voluntary bodies, District Councils and the social partners.

Investing for Health has been shaped by the considered views of the many respondents from across a wide range of sectors and interests who took part in the consultation process.

Each Health and Social Services Board in Northern Ireland is working to establish an ‘Investing for Health’ Partnership at Board area level to develop long term local cross-sectoral health improvement plans to address the identified health and well being needs of their local populations to meet the strategic aims and objectives of Investing for Health.

The purpose of Investing for Health is to initiate a dynamic, long-term process of improvement to bring Northern Ireland health standards up to those of the best regions in Europe. The success of the Investing for Health process will depend on effective partnership working between all participants. Good health is everyone’s business.

Communities of Interest – Goals/Objectives


To improve the health of our people by increasing the length of their lives and increasing the number of years they spend free from disease, illness and disability.

To reduce inequalities in health between geographic areas, soci-economic and minority groups.


To reduce poverty in families with children.

To enable all people and young people in particular to develop the skills and attitudes that will give them the capacity to reach their full potential and make healthy choices.

To promote metal health and emotional well-being at individual and community level.

To offer everyone the opportunity to live and work in a healthy environment and to live in a decent affordable home.

To improve our neighbourhoods and wider environment.

To reduce accidental injuries and deaths in the home, workplace and from collisions on the road.

To enable people to make healthier choices.

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